We develop total customs administration systems such as the e-customs system (UNI-PASS) and the Single Window system. These systems are composed of functional modules, and while these systems are usually developed as combined unit, these modules such as Import/export customs clearance modules, Risk Management modules and Post Audit modules etc. maybe implemented individually.


Implementation of UNI-PASS system or individual modules follow standardized procedures that can be largely divided into 3 phases.


The below are the main features the development service offers.

Design and develop the system for swift and smooth logistics flow.

Meet the demand for increased international security standard and ensures public safety.

Design work process to meet various international standards in order to deal with the global trade environment.

Instead of fragmented and generalized system design, integrated and customized system design is implemented.

Business process is extensively analyzed to make new processes, abandon redundant processes and integrate processes and reflect them in system development to increase efficiency.

Multiple number of methodologies are used that are being Internationally proven for their efficiency for system development.

Different approaches are being made at each development stages in order to evaluate each stage and to react flexibly to minimize errors.

Based on extensive environment analysis including BPR/ISP, software and hardware architecture is defined and the system is designed for optimum operation.

By utilizing the performance proven standard framework, productivity in development, efficiency in operation and system expansion are all considered.



Title: Implementation of e-Customs system for Algeria  
Period: Dec 2018  ~


Title: Cameroon e-Clearance system
Period: 2017. 03 ~ Ongoing

Dominican Republic

Title: Dominican e-Clearance system
Period: 2008.04~


Title: Ecuador e-Clearance system
Period: Dec 2012 – Aug 2013
Title: Ecuador Single Window project
Period: Sep 2011 – Feb 2013


Title:  Implementation of e-Customs system and Single Window system for the Republic of Ghana
Period: July 2018 – Aug 2020


Title: Improving Guatemala Tax Revenue Risk management and implementing DW project
Period: Sep 2012 – Nov 2012


Title: Mongolian e-Clearance System
Period: 2009. 04~


Title: Nepal Tax Revenue Modernization project
Period: Aug 2012 – May 2014


Title: Tanzania Tax Revenue Modernization project (RM, Cargo)
Period: Aug 2011 – Nov 2013
Title: Tanzania NCS (Clearance)
Period: Aug 2012 – Dec 2014


Title: Customs Modernization of Uzbekistan through Implementing Single Window
Period: Dec 2014 – Aug 2016