• Development of the UNI-PASS package
  • Implementation of RFID import air cargo system
  • Enhancing internet clearance portal system
  • Implementation of the advanced DM Management system
  • Implementation of the AEO Management system
  • Development of the UNI-PASS package, second phase
  • Implementation of inspection management system
  • Development of the risk management modular system


  • ISP for the global single window implementation
  • Standardization of e-Government feasibility study format
  • Research on customs data model for the Korea Customs Service
  • Master-plan on development of the Korea Customs Service 2009
  • Application of the WCO DM 3.0 in UNI-PASS
  • Knowledge Sharing Program for developing countries
  • Master-plan 2030 for the Korea Customs Service
  • BPR for Export and Import Supply chain management
  • Expand usage of customs information for the public


  • Legally designated as the sole operator of the Korean national customs system, UNIPASS
  • Currently, has teams that are responsible for the operation and maintenance of UNIPASS sub-systems.